Is ephedrine acid or base?

It is a conjugate base of a (-)-ephedrinium. Ephedrine was first described in western literature in 1888, as a naturally occurring component of the ephedra plant, along with [pseudoephedrine].

What is the pH of ephedrine?

The pH range is 4.5 to 7.0. Ephedrine sulfate is a sympathomimetic amine that directly acts as an agonist at α- and ß adrenergic receptors and indirectly causes the release of norepinephrine from sympathetic neurons.

What class is ephedrine?

Ephedrine belongs to a class of drugs called Alpha/Beta Adrenergic Agonists.

Is ephedrine sulfate a base?

Each mL contains ephedrine sulfate, USP 5 mg (equivalent to 3.8 mg ephedrine base), 0.9% sodium chloride, USP in water for injection. The pH is adjusted with sodium hydroxide and/or glacial acetic acid if necessary.

Storage And Handling.

NDC Presentation
14789-250-10 10 mL vials packaged in a carton of 10

Is ephedrine water soluble?

It exists as colorless crystals or white, crystalline, orthorohombic needless or powder, odorless, with a bitter taste. It is freely soluble in four parts of water, and in 17 parts of alcohol, very slightly soluble in chloroform and practically insoluble in ether.

Is Ephedrine a weak acid?

Because many drugs are either weak acids or weak bases and have limited water solubility, they are often used as their “salts” to increase their aqueous solubility. … Also, a salt such as ephedrine hydrochloride can be prepared between a weak base-ephedrine and a strong acid-hydrochloric acid.

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What functional groups are in ephedrine?

Ephedrine contains an arene (the aromatic benzene ring), an alcohol (the -OH group), an amine (the nitrogen-based group), and an N-methyl group (-CH3 attached to nitrogen). It does not contain a ketone (C=O), or any other carboxyl groups.

Is Ephedrine a sympathomimetic?

Ephedrine is one of the most commonly used sympathomimetic drugs in the practice of anesthesia (1). Its stimulant actions result from direct and indirect activation of α- and β-adrenoceptors (2,3).

Is ephedrine a controlled substance?


Ephedrine products are usually not categorized as controlled substances internationally. To prevent ephedrine products from being illegally transformed into the amphetamine and/or its analogs, these products are usually packaged and supplied in the limited quantities, and cannot be openly displayed in pharmacies.

What is Ephedrine HCL?

Ephedrine hydrochloride is an alkylbenzene. ChEBI. A phenethylamine found in EPHEDRA SINICA. PSEUDOEPHEDRINE is an isomer. It is an alpha- and beta-adrenergic agonist that may also enhance release of norepinephrine.

Is Ephedrine a vasopressor?

Background: Historically, ephedrine has been the vasopressor of choice for treatment of most cases of hypotension in obstetric patients. However, the choice of vasopressor in the parturient receiving a beta-adrenergic agent for tocolysis has not been evaluated extensively.

Is ephedrine and epinephrine the same?

As a vasoconstrictor, epinephrine is 100 to 1,000 times more potent than ephedrine. 1 Mix-ups between these two drugs have resulted in serious patient harm.

Is ephedrine sulfate a stimulant?

Ephedrine is a medication and stimulant. It is often used to prevent low blood pressure during anesthesia. It has also been used for asthma, narcolepsy, and obesity but is not the preferred treatment.

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What is ephedrine soluble in?

Soluble in water, in alcohol, in chloroform, and in ether; moderately and slowly soluble in mineral oil, the solution becoming turbid if the Ephedrine contains more than about 1% of water. Ephedrine Hydrochloride: Fine, white, odorless crystals or powder.

Is ephedrine polar?

The no-polar structure of ephedrine makes this substance more liposoluble than catecholamines. It is thermodynamically more stable, in consequence, it is not a substrate for monoamineoxidase (MAO) or the catechol-O-methyltranspherase.

How is ephedrine made?

Natural ephedrine is prepared by extraction from Ephedra plants. This process is typically employed for ephedrine manufactured in China. Semi-synthetic ephedrine is prepared by fermentation of sugar followed by amination, a process known to be used in India. Fully chemically synthesized ephedrine is produced elsewhere.