Excellent consumed on its own, this versatile confection also makes a perfect garnish for a romantic Valentine’s Day cocktail.

Inspired by the small batch artisanal chocolate produced by Dandelion Chocolate Company in San Francisco, this hassle-free DIY recipe is as enjoyable to craft as it is delicious.

All you need are just 3 core ingredients, but you can have fun experimenting with your own flavor combinations by adding your favorite nuts, fruits, edible flowers, and even breakfast cereals to the mix. The sky’s the limit. And best of all, you get to control the potency and sugar level (as well as the type of sweetener used)!


  • ¼  cup organic cocoa powder
  • ¼  cup cannabis-infused coconut oil #LEVOmade (get the recipe here)
  • 3 tbsp of agave or your liquid sweetener of choice (maple syrup works great too)

Optional add-ons:

  • ½ tbsp of roasted cocoa nibs
  • ½ tbsp of dried mandarin flakes
  • ¼ tbsp of dried lavender
  • Pinch of cinnamon
  • Pinch of sea salt

Craft Cannabis-Infused Chocolate Bars Preparation:

Step 1: 

In a mixing bowl, combine cannabis-infused coconut oil with the liquid sweetener.

Step 2: 

Add the cacao powder and stir continuously until mixture gets thick. (Feel free to add an extra tbsp oil or water or so, for desired thickness.)

Step 3: 

Pour into a confection mold or in between layers of wax paper in Ziploc bags.

Step 4: 

Freeze until hardened, and enjoy!

Depending on the state you live in, it’s not always easy to get access to your favorite cannabis-infused chocolate bars, especially now that California has new packaging requirements that have left a lot of brands scrambling to stay compliant while keeping up with demand. But now that you have this easy 3-base ingredient recipe, you’ll never have to worry about going without your favorite infused treat again. It also makes for a beautiful and timely Valentine’s gift for that special someone.

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