When thoughtfully paired with high-proof alcohol, weed infusions can impart subtle herbaceous notes and bring out nuanced flavor profiles of the base spirits they’re blended with.

Citrus and piney sativas tend to go well with more botanical spirits like gin, tequila, and mezcal, while danker Indica strains lend themselves to fuller-bodied brown spirits, like whiskey.

Keep in mind that you will need a high-proof base for the infusion to work. I have found that a spirit between 80–101 proof provides the best results. Anything less than 80 will likely not properly infuse the THC, and anything past 101 can leave a strong chloroform aftertaste and strip the infusion of essential oils and terpenes (aromatic compounds that contribute to strain-specific characteristics).

For this recipe we’ll show you how to make a simple Bourbon Whiskey infusion with organic Indica cannabis that can be used to craft cannabis cocktails like the Medicated Manhattan.

And with virtually a limitless selection of cannabis strains and alcohol to choose from, you can adjust the recipe to create any type of cannabis alcohol infusion imaginable.

A manual for the manufacture of cannabis THC-infused whiskey

These proportions are somewhat flexible. Depending on your preference, you can use less cannabis for a milder dosage or increase the recipe and infuse longer for a heavier-handed drink.


  • 8 grams organic cannabis (Indica Gorilla Glue)

Step 1 Decarb Your Bud (Crucial Step)

In order to infuse our spirits with activated THC, we first need transform the non-psychoactive THCA found in raw cannabis into medicated THC, via a chemical process called decarboxylation. Don’t panic, this is just a fancy way of saying ‘heat up the bud’ and you can easily do this at home using your trusty oven.

Grind and spread out your cannabis evenly on a baking sheet and bake the bud in a pre-heated oven at 235-240 F for for 40-45 minutes (so that we can transform the non-psychoactive THCA into medicated THC). Be careful not to exceed these temperatures as you can easily damage the THC.

Use a bit of caution and common sense as alcohol fumes are indeed flammable. Needless to say, NEVER infuse liquor near any open flame source and work in a well-ventilated area.

You can always skip this step using only raw bud; your infusion will have extracted many of the essential oils in cannabis, but will not contain any of the psychoactive properties.

Step 2

Pour the bottle of whiskey into a re-sealable mason jar (one-liter or larger).

Slowly mix in the ground decarbonated cannabis, making sure all the flowers are fully submerged in the alcohol. Anything floating on or touching the surface can potentially introduce molds, etc.

Place the mason jar in a brown paper bag and leave near a windowsill or in the sun for 2-3 days,  gently agitating the infusion every 12 hours.

Step 3

After allowing sufficient time for the ingredients to marry, strain the liquid through a cheesecloth-lined funnel into a clean re-sealable vessel (repeating as necessary to remove remaining sediments). And make sure to wring all the liquid from the cheesecloth before discarding the solids.

The results are a top-shelf cannabis reserve containing approximately 10 milligrams of active THC per fluid ounce (depending on the potency of the cannabis and infusion time).

As always, exercise good judgment and consume responsibly. Never use more than 2 oz of active cannabis per drink and, for those new to the synergistic effects of alcohol and marijuana, never consume more than one drink per sitting.

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