Best answer: What is a Cancelled drug test?

§ 40.207 What is the effect of a cancelled drug test? (a) A cancelled drug test is neither positive nor negative. (1) As an employer, you must not attach to a cancelled test the consequences of a positive test or other violation of a DOT drug testing regulation (e.g., removal from a safety-sensitive position).

What does it mean when a drug test is Cancelled?

A cancelled drug test is one in which the Medical Review Officer (MRO) finds a serious flaw in the testing process. It is neither a positive nor negative test result. That means an employer cannot use it as a basis for removing an employee from their duties.

What would cause an invalid drug test?

Invalid Sample

“The result of a drug test for a urine specimen that contains an unidentified adulterant or an interfering substance, has abnormal physical characteristics, or has an endogenous substance at an abnormal concentration that prevents the laboratory from completing or obtaining a valid drug test result.”

How can a drug test be inconclusive?

Drug test results can be inconclusive if the sample is diluted. An inconclusive or diluted drug test result could be a sign that the sample was tampered with, raising suspicion of whether the employee is attempting to avoid detection of drugs by “cleaning out their system.”

Why do my lab results say Cancelled?

The most frequently reported reason for test cancellation occurred in the preanalytical phase, and was a duplicate test request, followed by specimen quality reasons including hemolyzed/clotted specimens and insufficient sample quantity for testing.

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Is it bad to reschedule a drug test?

Yes, you can retake at a future scheduled date. No, they don’t fail you, they just reschedule.

Can I cancel a blood test?

If you cannot make your appointment, you can cancel your appointment online. Appointments that were booked online will show in your patient portal so that you can cancel / reschedule if needed.