Quick Answer: What percentage of nurses struggle with substance abuse?

According to the Journal of Clinical Nursing, approximately 20% of all nurses struggle with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. 1 in 10 physicians will fall into drug or alcohol abuse at some point in their lives, mirroring the general population.

What percentage of nurses are affected by substance abuse issues?

The most disturbing statistical “potential” comes from Monroe and Kenaga, who suggest that between 14% and 20% of all RNs in the United States may have a problem with dependence or abuse of drugs and/or alcohol, which likely addresses the suspected prevalence of unreported substance dependence cases.

How does substance abuse affect nurses?

When a nurse develops a substance abuse issue, it has serious consequences. The person with the drug or alcohol problem is taking on the risks of harm to themselves. There may also be increased risks to the patients under their care when the nurse is not performing at their best due to substance issues.

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What is the percentage of nurses who are successful in recovery?

Generally half of nurses who attempt recovery succeed, with many state monitoring programs reporting success rates from 48%15 to 90%.

What percentage of nurses are estimated to be currently impaired or in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction?

Drug and alcohol use is a significant problem and it is estimated that 10 to 15 percent of all nurses may be actively impaired or in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction (Thomas & Siela, 2011).

Do nurses have higher rates of substance abuse?

Nurses differ from the general population in that they work in an environment where they can easily access controlled substances. Studies have shown that nurses are more likely to use drugs when their workplace access to these substances increases.

What are the incidences of addicted nurses in the US?

The American Nurses Association has indicated that:

  • up to 10% of working RNs may be dependent on drugs or alcohol. However, the most worrisome statistic suggests that:
  • between 14% and 20% of all RNs in the U.S. may have a problem with drug or alcohol dependence or abuse.

What is the role of the nurse manager when a nurse is suspected of substance abuse?

The nurse manager’s role in the process of removing the nurse from patient care is essential. Removal from practice will assist the nurse in focusing on care and treatment of the disorder, but more importantly, the earlier SUD is identified and the nurse is removed from patient care, the sooner patients are protected.

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How does a nurse assess a patient for addiction?

“We assess the types of social problems they may have had as a result of their drinking,” Orr says. These could include denial that there are any problems, behavioral changes, personality changes, depression, memory problems, isolation, anger, confusion, nervousness, and malnutrition.

Can a nurse go to rehab?

Thankfully, certain rehab facilities provide individualized programs specifically for nurses and other medical personnel. Although they experience higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse, nurses also show low relapse rates and high recovery rates after treatment.

Can a nurse be an alcoholic?

About 80 percent of nurses with an alcohol use disorder have an alcoholic family member, according to a 2005 study published in AORN Journal.

Which of the following substances is abused most often in the United States?

Alcohol and tobacco are the drugs most commonly abused by adolescents, followed by marijuana. The next most popular substances differ between age groups.