Why do student drug tests not work?

A drug test is not likely to catch most drug users. Alcohol and most drugs are virtually undetectable unless the student is under the influence at the time the test is administered. This policy may encourage students to use more dangerous drugs to avoid detection.

Why student should not be drug tested?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released a policy statement on Monday saying it opposes randomly drug testing students because there’s not enough evidence to show it’s effective, and because random testing can damage relationships between students and their schools.

Should students take mandatory drug tests?

The aim of mandatory drug testing is not to punish or humiliate drug-users at school. It is to serve as a strong deterrent and as a means to find students who need help to tackle their addiction. Some people worry about the logistics of putting such a large-scale policy into practice.

Why is student drug testing good?

Proponents of the programs say that drug testing students allows for early detection and intervention of teen drug use, thus increasing a student’s chances to be successful in the future.

Why would a drug test show invalid?

An invalid sample is a specimen that is not a suitable for drug testing as it has failed the validity tests for an unknown reason. The lab is unable to identify what is interfering with the tests. It does not mean it has been purposely adulterated but only that something is interfering with the testing.

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Do universities drug test students?

Is random testing legal? In most cases, yes. In 2002, the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the permissibility of random student drug test for students engaged in competitive extracurricular activities, which includes not just athletics, but glee club, cheerleading and a host of other school-sponsored pursuits.

How effective is random drug testing in schools?


The Office of National Drug Control Policy in US6 asserts that random drug testing in schools has been effective in reducing drug use and, most importantly, deters drug use among adolescents.

What causes an inconclusive drug test?

Drug test results can be inconclusive if the sample is diluted. An inconclusive or diluted drug test result could be a sign that the sample was tampered with, raising suspicion of whether the employee is attempting to avoid detection of drugs by “cleaning out their system.”

What makes a urine drug test inconclusive?

Usually inconclusive can mean anything from you drank too much fluids to you touched something that tainted the sample. They will fire you if it comes back positive for drugs if you do not have a prescription or it they are street drugs , not sure if it comes back inconclusive for a second time.

How do you make a urine drug test invalid?

Adding chemicals to their sample urine

Some known chemicals include, salt, soap, bleach, peroxide and eye drops. Most drug testing machines have the ability to detect specimens with chemicals, tagging them as invalid. However, not all adulterants are detected.